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June's Indie Comix &Art!

Steve Lafler’s Oaxaca Painting Book

Read More Comix #1

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty: Bloodlines, Book One

The Lemonade Brigade

Tales of Trolik #3: The Hero of Oskin

ThrillVault Anthology #1

WEE’s Weirdo Art…Mouth of Eyes

The Shepherd: Apokatastasis

WEE’s Weirdo Art…Lemmy Left Eye

Smeary Soapbox Press-ents #10 (A Pocket Gallery)

ASH: Academy of Super Heroes, Vol. 1

WEE’s Weirdo Art…The Eye Thing



The Fuzzy Princess #1

Lonnie & Sly

Break the Walls

The Origin of Pissed Off Panda

Young, Talented…Exploited!

Copy This! #27

RIP Champ

WEE’s Weirdo Art...Characters from an upcoming comic

Phoenix Comic Con

DonTheCon Joke’s on U.S.!