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Noble Head Funnies No 7

Noble Head Funnies No 7 is a 32-page, full size, black and white comic created by Edward Bolman. In this collection of Noble Head Funnies Mr. Kitty Fluff sings with Kiki Dee and Chaka Khan, shares the pages with puffy toads and a Spittoon filled with all kinds of stuff, and even gives us an inside peek at a date night! Along with the afore mentioned cast of characters, Mr. Kitty Fluff also shares the pages with the Black Rayed Sun, Charleston Fluff, Spring Heeled Jack and The Red Barn Murderer, The Bleeding Toe, and the singing Nobility Boys! All this and Disembodied Asses can be yours by writing to (and sending a few bucks) to: Edward Bolman 1011 Wagon Trail Prescott, AZ 86305

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