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So Buttons No.12

So Buttons No.12 is a 28-page, full color, digest size, autobiographical comic written by Jonathan Baylis and illustrated by Josh Bayer, Kevin Colden, TJ Kirsch, Miss Lasko-Gross, Rachelle Meyer, Ben Passmore, Josh Pettinger, Carol Tyler, Noah Van Sciver, Lance Ward, Tony Wolf, J.T. Yost, Lucas Eisenberg-Baylis, and Devy Goldstein. Cover by Jesse Lonergan. Published by Alchemy Comix. In spite of never being nominated for an Eisner, and never sporting a curly-que mustache, Jonathan Baylis does lead an interesting life and through the pages of “ So Buttons ” he (with a little help from friends) tells the tales of his adventures! In this issue of his autobiographic comic series Jonathan delivers the details on meeting Ethan Hawke, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ian MacKaye, and Chris Claremont! But wait, that’s not all, Jonathan also ruminates on sharing the same birthday as Kerry Washington, Johnny Rotten, and Grant Morrison…okay, that doesn’t really qualify as advent

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