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Echoes of the Triumphant #0

  Echoes of the Triumphant #0  is a 28-page, full color, futuristic Sci-Fi/Fantasy comic written and created by Pat Murphy, illustrated by Jarrod Bezzina, cover by Greg Woronchak, lettered by Michael McAdam, additional lettering by Zen, design/redux layout by Dominic Bercier, and edited by Alexi Kott. Published by Reverb Comics . Just as an up and coming fighter gets his shot at grandeur, an accident changes everything. An explosion at a chemical plant kills thousands and mutates others. The mutated gain abilities that make them more desirable for certain jobs, while the non-mutated survivors are left to fill the more mundane jobs. The once champion fighter with a promising future now finds himself just another lackey in a suit with a low opinion of the mutated, but a chance encounter changes his view of things. Soon the fighter becomes a defender of the victimized, but then a mysterious figure takes noti

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