We, The Odd

We, The Odd 22-page, digest size, B&W, by Delicia Williams.  This comic tells the story of a young woman deep in the recesses of a ventilation duct carrying out her duties as an exterminator, and a fairy godmother who appears to be on a task of her own, yet not as clearly explained to the reader as that of the exterminator's. Accompanying this duo within the pages of We, The Odd is a second exterminator that apparently can't fit into the ducts, an unfortunate frog, and a small mysterious group of shrouded figures that surely are up to no good!  As I began reading We, The Odd the plot didn't immediately reveal itself. Instead the story gradually unravels as the main character is introduced and sets out on her exploratory task through the maze of ductwork. As we follow the confined exterminator we begin to realize all may not be as it should and the heroine, along with our anticipation, is taken into the shadowy unknown by the well paced flowing layout of the panels.
 Delicia illustrates the entire comic artfully in pencil. Her non-ink approach gives each page, and the overall story a light, free flowing look that completely compliments the otherworldly feel the story takes as the lead character journeys ever farther into the unknown.
Delicia's expressive and detailed style of drawing really breathes life into the characters of her story and makes We, The Odd a visually appealing comic that the reader can get lost in along with the characters! Get your copy before they're all gone at We, The Odd

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