Xerography Debt #34

Xerography Debt is a 64-page, digest size, B&W, review zine.
Xerography Debt is a 64-page, digest size, B&W, review zine.  Not so long ago there were several print review zines available to zine fans.  Some of the better known publications were Factsheet 5, Zine World, and Zine Guide.  These review zines featured hundreds of listings and reviews (some more in-depth and critical than others) of zines and comics.  Sadly, as publishers gravitated toward the more affordable and wider reaching internet, these print publication ceased operations.  But one print review zine has remained, and that is Xerography Debt (XD)!  XD not only continues the tradition of bringing zinesters their desired reviews in print, but also does it with a unique voice allowing each reviewer to use their own format and style.  This issue of XD includes a handful of columns addressing the emptiness of unfilled P.O. boxes, the joys of a new baby, and the personal experiences of participating in an Amateur Press Association (APA).  Then it goes on for nearly 50 pages of reviews written by 15 different reviewers, each providing insightful reviews of zines and comics (mostly zines), plus some personal commentary on the zine scene.  The reviewers that fill the pages of XD normally only review the types of publications they enjoy.  That means the reviews tend to be favorable while maintaining a critical perspective and also displaying a noticeable passion for the subject matter.  In this era of e-zines and Blogs, it's refreshing to know a print publication like XD is out there providing well written, lengthy reviews and ordering information of so many print zines!  Get your copy at Leeking Inc.

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