Andre the Giant: Life and Legend

Andre the Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown
240-page, digest size, color covers, B&W interior by Box Brown.  Are you a fan of professional wrestling? Do you like Indie comics? If you answered yes to both questions then you're in for a treat! Turns out indie comics artists and writer Box Brown is a fan of professional wrestling and he's recently turned his talents to telling the story of one of wrestling's all-time greats, Andre the Giant! I'll start off by admitting I'm a wrestling fan, have been since I was a kid. My childhood is filled with many fond memories of watching Andre the Giant's hulking presence in the squared circle on a Saturday morning as he made easy work of all that dared to face off against him in the ring. And, although I consider myself a fan of the Giant, I really didn't know much about him. That is until now. Box Brown brings us Andre's story, starting with his uncomfortable childhood, then carrying us along as Andre grows into manhood and encounters the numerous challenges his massive size invites.
The art in this comic is simple and bold, much like the persona of Andre the Giant. Andre's size is at times overly exaggerated, dwarfing other objects and figures in the panel to visually impart just how big he really was, both physically and figuratively. The uncomplicated artwork flows with the story, exposing Andre's gentle nature while at the same time communicating his uneasiness with society.
Throughout the comic Box Brown is quick to point out that distinguishing between the Life and Legend of Andre is at times a difficult thing to do, as he re-tells some of the many stories that have grown just as large as Andre himself over the years. But Brown conveys each alongside a personal anecdote that balances the myth with the man and reveals Andre to be more than the massive brawler Saturday morning wrestling portrayed him to be. Through the pages of Andre the Giant: Life and Legend we learn that Andre was just a normal guy that wanted what most of us want: to live in peace.
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