Copy This! #3

Copy This! #3 by D. Blake WertsCopy This! #3 is a 48-page, mini-comic, info/news zine published by D. Blake Werts. 
This issue starts off with editor D. Blake Werts offering an overview of what the reader will find in the pages, information on subscribing, and a "Thank You" to those that helping to make the zine a success.  Following the intro is a a piece by Steve Willis on creating, killing, and letting go of characters.  Steve delves a little into the past a delivers an analysis of some familiar creator/creation relationships.  Then he brings us back to present day and makes an announcement of his own regarding his most recognizable creation, Morty the Dog. 

Richard Krauss gives us a slice of the action from Linework NW 2014, a one day illustration and comics festival in Portland, OR.  Richard's "slice" is  stuffed with numerous creators that attended, what they brought to the event, and how the reader can contact each creator mentioned!

D. Blake Werts provides a very detailed trip report of his recent visit to SPACE (the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo, not his journeys into the final frontier).  We learn who was at SPACE, what they were exhibiting, and even what some of them ate!  Talk about your field reporter not missing a thing!  D. Blake reminisces about past meetings with various creators, briefly explaining their histories and then returning us to the Expo and the current goings on.  I must say, after reading D. Blake's SPACE report (complete with pictures I should add), I really feel like I've experienced the event a little bit myself although being removed from it by a couple thousand miles and a few weeks! 

Copy This! #3 offers all that plus news and updates on over 20 creators!  If you haven't yet sent your info to D. Blake Werts and plugged yourself into the Copy This! network, contact him at:

D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

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