Falling Rock National Park #s1-4

Falling Rock National Park #s1-4 is a 20 to 24-page (depending on the issue), digest size B&W comic with color covers written & illustrated by Josh Shalek.

Falling Rock National Park is a comic series about a fictional southwestern national park and the assorted characters that inhabit it. In the first four issues we’re introduced to a cast of desert creatures including Ernesto the lizard, Carver the owl, Melissa the mountain lion sculptor, Pam the chain-smoking javelina, and Park Ranger Dee, their human friend. In the first issue Ernesto and Carver journey into the Uncanny Valley where things take on unusual appearances thanks to guest artist Reid Psaltis. In issue two the gang travels to a ghost town in search of gold, then by issue three Ernesto finds himself having an out of this world experience, and by issue four the park creatures are palling around with the Desert Yeti!

The art is clean, freestyle line work with simplified and expressive anatomy. The hand lettering has a unique style all its own that complements the artwork, and the writing is witty and entertaining.

You can get your pass and explore the comical wonders of Falling Rock National Park at http://bit.ly/1zAuGIG

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1yYgDil

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