The Blackest Terror

The Blackest Terror is a 32-page, standard size comic with color covers and grayscale interior, written by Eric M Esquivel and illustrated by & Ander Sarabia. Published by Moonstone Books

In the world of The Blackest Terror there are no Caucasian heroes, only minority heroes fighting back against the mainstream legal system that has failed them. The revolutionary leader of these champions of the disenfranchised is an unlikely and well-meaning African American doctor. After witnessing the ugly face a racism for one time too many he decides enough is enough and dons a mask and the alter ego of The Blackest Terror to fight back against the forces of oppression. His story is told through an interview sometime after The Blackest Terror’s vigilante style of justice has become widely known and inspired others to take matters into their own hands.

This story is unlike the mainstream superhero tales that have and continue to dominate comics. This is a tale of unapologetic and overtly aggressive resistance. It’s the birth of a heroic uprising of the marginalized directly confronting the status quo of society. The writing’s commentary on racism is powerful and brutally honest. The artwork is dynamic and the application of grayscale is superbly done. The writing, art, and subject matter all combine within the pages of The Blackest Terror to make this one impressive comic!

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