Ryan Homsley Art


This is from Nate McDonough's tumblr at http://grixly.tumblr.com/
You can find more of Nate's art on FB at GRIXLY

grixly: I haven’t known Ryan Homsley very long, but I’m doing my best to stay in touch with him. He’s a comic artist and, as far as I can tell, a real nice dude. He was in a bad spot and tried to rob a bank with a note. Here’s a couple pieces of his I’ve inked up and the unadulterated pencils on one I just couldn’t bring myself to touch.

If you feel so inclined as to writing him a letter:

Ryan Homsley #72950-065
United States Penitentiary Canaan
PO BOX 300 Waymart, PA 18472-0800

If you’re sending him comics, even better. Just three things to keep in mind
*No tape on the package
*No staples in the comic
*Write on the envelope ‘The comics contained herein are from (your name) sole publisher’

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1Bsxihv

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