Henni is a 168-page, digest size, perfect bound full color graphic novel written & illustrated by Miss Lasko Gross. Published by Z2 Comics http://bit.ly/1tUhevl

In an alternate world a young anthropomorphic girl questions her culture’s religious traditions as she seeks to satisfy her thirst for knowledge. Her elders, friends, and even members of her family scorn her blasphemous behavior and caution her of the peril that awaits if she continues to question the faith. Henni finds herself having to choose between accepting society’s imposed roles to live a peaceful life, or face the contempt of her community as she stands up to their irrationalism.

The writing and character development in Henni is great! All of the supporting characters are given motivations that explain their actions, but the title character, Henni, is slowly revealed to be an inquisitive thinker that’s not content to accept things at face value. She has a genuine need to understand and as she discovers contradictions between her faith and logic she is conflicted as to which she should embrace and what the consequence of her choices will be. The artwork in Henni is cute and graceful. It completely captures the feeling of innocence and wonder that surrounds the main character as she embarks on her journey for truth. The packaging of this graphic novel is also superb!

You can join Henni on her adventure by visiting Z2 Comics at http://bit.ly/1tUhevl

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1FVRfM3

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