Cultural Jet Lag: A Retrospective

Cultural Jet Lag: A Retrospective is a 102-page, full size, perfect bound, B&W comic with full color covers, written & illustrated by Tom Roberts and Jim Siergey.

Throughout the ‘90s Tom Roberts and Jim Siergey worked together mixing high brow and low brow art through a parody filter. Their hilarious results filled the pages of Cultural Jet Lag until the unfortunate death of Tom in ‘99. This collection showcases the satirical wit and polished artwork that made their comic and teaming such a hit!

In this retrospective Tom and Jim focus their comic cleverness on such historical and pop figures as Sylvia Plath, William Shakespeare, (John) Calvin and (Thomas) Hobbes, Dr Seuss, Walt Disney, Bogie, Dali, Edgar Allan Poe, Jesus, Gomer Pyle, Nietzsche, the Grateful Dead, Jack Kevorkian, a zombie Beethoven, and many, many more!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Cultural Jet Lag and what better way to celebrate than through a collection of over 100 pages of this great and intelligent comic!

You can get Cultural Jet Lag: A Retrospective directly from Jim with a personalized autograph and illustration plus a bonus free gift for $20 (priority mail postage included) via PayPal to

And you can experience the whiz-bang writing and astounding art that is Cultural Jet Lag: A Retrospective at and also order it at

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