Anne Frankenstein, Book One: Resurrection

Anne Frankenstein, Book One: Resurrection is a 28-page, standard size B&W comic with full color covers. Written and created by Ken Thomas, illustrated by Nate Watson, lettered by John Hageman, and edited by Chimp 9. Published by Lazy Bones Studios.

In the not so distant future the world witnesses the rise of the 6th Reich. Nazis seize global control and humanity is left shattered. From the ashes a group of resistance fighters emerge and their greatest intellectuals gather to formulate a plan. A plan to create a champion from specific genetic material and reanimated body parts. A plan to create a being of vengeance. To create a “Nazi Hunter.” To create…Anne Frankenstein!

Ken’s writing in this first issue lays a solid foundation for Anne Frankenstein to rise from and claim her place in comics! Ken establishes a future setting with plenty of turmoil, easy to hate antagonists, and the reluctant hero you have to root for. Combining the historical Anne Frank with the fictional Frankenstein’s monster to create the new Anne Frankenstein is pure genius! Pitting this new anti-hero against Nazis in a desolate future makes the character and the comic even more intriguing!

Ken’s storytelling is fully realized by the exceptional talents of artist Nate Watson. Nate captures the futuristic horror atmosphere of the story with deep shadows, dismembered body parts, and dynamic action scenes! Nate also does a tremendous job of rendering believable backgrounds and maintaining character likenesses, and communicating emotions through their facial expressions!

Anne Frankenstein is Alive! And you can witness her resurrection at and and

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