Silent Screams of the Mimes

Silent Screams of the Mimes is a 24-page, standard size B&W comic with spot color covers written & illustrated by Dray “+KZB+” Rehus.

A great war raged between the Clowns and the Mimes. The invisible walls erected by the Mimes fell quickly to the onslaught of cars stuffed with Clowns. After the war between the Clowns and Mimes, an unlikely and uneasy alliance forms between a family of clowns and a destitute mime. Can the two enemies work together to battle a legendary being? And what secret connection binds these two foes?

Silent Screams of the Mimes is a tightly drawn and polished comic that tells a comically absurd story with plenty of action and unforeseen twists. Dray makes good use of gray tones to break up scenes and add weight and depth to his panels.

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