Strange Kids Club Magazine #4

Strange Kids Club Magazine #4 is a 58-page, full size, full color comic magazine featuring works by multiple contributors! Cover by James Groman

This glossy rag is filled with weird comics and nostalgic looks back on some of the creepiest toys from the past! Editor-in-Chief Ronald Scott III serves up an insightful interview with Madballs creator himself, James Groman, and provides a revealing retrospective on Mattel’s Mad Scientist toy line! The feature comic in this issue is Cassette Death! This unsettling tale of discarded toys coming to life and seeking vengeance on their former owners is brought to life through the talents of Benito Cereno, Aaron Klopp, Glen Brogan, Aaron Alexovich, Drew Rausch, Chad Welch, and Michael Anderson! Ze Burnay also cast a four color spell with the bewitching cliffhanger comic Witch Gauntlet!

Rounding out the creative collective that contributed to this Strange Kids Club Magazine are the capable and clever Dean Rankine, Matthew Skiff, Mike Wasion, James Callahan, Chris Savino, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Justin Gammon, and Sean McCauley!

Strange Kids Club Magazine is a highly polished, themed based fun read stuffed with eclectic odds and ends all tied together with well written articles, crazy comics, and fetching art!

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