Smallbug Comics #s 7-9

Smallbug Comics #s 7-9 are each 24-page, digest size B&W humor comics written & illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

Here’s a brief look at issues 7 thru 9 of Charles Brubaker’s witty witchery series that is Smallbug Comics! In these issues Scorpy and Koko play with voodoo, Marl gets a flying lesson, Jodo learns a thing or two about witches, Scorpy’s mouth makes it difficult for others to like him, Koko, Jodo, and Marl take a broom trip to a strange broomless land, the Devil himself makes a few appearances, and the Cat answers readers’ questions!

Charles’ cartoony characters continue their customarily absurd and always amusing antics throughout these three issues. His fluid bold lines illustrate a spirited world where almost anything can happen and often does with a cheerful punchline!

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