Smallbug Comics #10

Smallbug Comics #10 is a 24-page, digest size B&W humor comics written & illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

This time ‘round Charles takes us on a little diversion away from the expected witchery normally found in Smallbug Comics. In this issue we get to play voyeur as we’re treated to an inside look at the plight of an editorial comic character trying to make it in the unforgiving world of comics while dreaming of becoming a comic book star! Smallbug Comics #10 also serves up a humorous helping of “Ask a Cat,” an advice column where readers send their questions to a cat!

Charles’ mastery of the cartoon form and delivery of the subtle gag is in full swing. His rubbery characters stride through the pages effortlessly as they bring their comical situations into focus. Charles’ timing, character development, and drawing style all unite to make for a funny comic that’s a pleasure to read and look at!

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