Dirty Bites #6

Dirty Bites #6 is a 40-page, perfect bound, digest size, B&W, ADULT anthology with full color covers, created by and featuring the talents of Paul S. Frosdick and friends. http://bit.ly/1KXjEVM

Paul S. Frosdick, the “MOST BANNED” cartoonist on Facebook, has assembled an eclectic collection of comics representing various styles and themes that either skirt or fully embrace the ADULT genre. In this issue of Dirty Bites readers are treated to a pudgy pair waiting for god, toys looking to get high, a man who gets more than he wished for, a Scooby Doo parody, an unlucky fly, a written piece about a clown hooker, and other pieces including a few pages from yours truly!

With Dirty Bites you can always count on Paul S. Frosdick to fill the space between the covers with funny fleshly pleasures and this issue is no exception! Each contributor brings their own unique version of depravity to the pages and lays out their lascivious lines across this carnal charged comic!

Get Dirty Bites #6 at http://bit.ly/1KXjEVM and the whole Dirty Bites collection 1-6 at http://bit.ly/1iC9DlP 

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