One Last Day: The Recycled Soul

One Last Day: The Recycled Soul is a 16-page, full size B&W with spot color card stock covers, mostly silent comic written & illustrated by Adam Yeater.

In One Last Day: The Recycled Soul Adam takes on the cycle of life as our nameless everyman meets his demise in a variety of ways. After each death the soul rises again as life is renewed through the forces of nature, only to fall again as part of an endless cycle.

Adam’s inventive ways to kill off his main character in One Last Day is always entertaining in a morose way but this time he adds a new twist, the renewal of life! By including this new element Adam’s story abandons its usual finality in favor of a continuity to life. The numerous rebirths are handled just as inventively as are the many deaths. Adam’s art takes on an almost dreamlike and nightmarish quality as the main character transitions from life to death and back to life again, and again, and again!

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