Indie Comics Magazine #10

Indie Comics Magazine #10, Fall 2015 is a 64-page, full size, B&W comics anthology with full color covers written & illustrated by various creators, published by Gary Scott Beatty at Aazurn Publishing

Special Guest Peter (Spy Vs. Spy) Kuper presents the wordless story “One Dollar!” See how one little piece of paper can lead to chaos. Then, actor Gil (Buck Rogers) Gerard accepts a strange role in “Welcome to the Con” by Jeffrey Kaufman! Citizens regret a government sponsored open forum in Paul Bradford’s “Unpropitious Fate!” Alien gladiators battle to the death in Troy Vevasis’ “The Duel!” In Terry Cronin’s “Horse Power G” humans talk about their horses — and the horses talk about them! Street races turn deadly in “Speed Demonz” by Gabe Lamberty! Dark plans place hens in indentured servitude in Rick Bonn’s “Farm Noir!” K.J. Murphey’s tale relates how a trapper seals his fate in “A Weindigo Curse!” Indie Comics Magazine, the book with the best story and art from independent comic book creators, celebrates its landmark 10th issue!

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The variety of artistic styles and stories make this issue a great read that was hard to put down! Gary Scott Beatty has assembled a massive 64-page anthology of interesting, thought provoking, and thoroughly entertaining stories that take the reader through a myriad of genres! This is the kind of eclectic comic that’s sure to have something engrossing for everyone!

Indie Comics Magazine #10 will be offered for pre-order September 23 in October’s Previews catalog, under Aazurn Publishing. Learn more about Indie Comics Magazine at

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