Halloween Tales #3

Halloween Tales #3 http://on.fb.me/1NjPFYa is a 20-page, full size, B&W comic with color covers, written and illustrated by Jesse Gutierrez and published by Bandido Studios.

It’s girls’ night out as Q.T. Pie, Tina, Erika, and Hilda drive into the unknown of Halloween Tales #3! While returning from a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing, the ladies are forced to take a detour through the dark desert where spooky things haunt the shadows. As the quartet make their paranoia ridden passage they feed their own fears by relating various stories of legendary creatures to one another…until something very odd is spotted in the headlights!

Jesse does a great job of building suspense through the characters’ interactions. The reader can feel the sense of superstitious fear grow as the car ride and stories continue, and the character development along the way gives the reader insight into each girl’s unique personality. The heavy shadows and dark backgrounds add to the spooky atmosphere and put the eerie icing on these Halloween Tales!

Visit Bandido Studios for your holiday Halloween treat of Jesse Gutierrez’ Art at http://on.fb.me/1NjPFYa

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1mjF3iY

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