IF Anthology

IF Anthology http://bit.ly/1QgTwY1 is a 172-page, B&W, graphic novel anthology with color covers. Created by Peter Simeti with various artists and writers. Published by Alterna Comics.

This hefty anthology is packed with 15 original stories from 36 creators! Collectively their tales stretch across several genres as they weave their way through worlds of fantasy and magic, blast off into the realm of science fiction, and creep precariously through the shadows of horror!

Along the way the reader is treated to twisted loves, time travel, anxiety disorders and so much more! As a sampling of what awaits you in IF Anthology, here’s a little of what you’ll find: a futuristic city with its own hero and bothersome mutated pests; a unique take on the human cannon ball; a portal to the unknown in the most unlikely of places in a very original horror story; an inside look at Bigfoot’s dealings with being a mythological creature…and dating; a glimpse at the final evolutionary jump of humanity; a really immersive reality game; and giant robots and alien creatures on another world!

IF Anthology is loaded with a great range of stories all smartly written and illustrated by a group of very talented people! IF you dig variety in your comics, then IF Anthology is the book for you!

Discover all that awaits in IF Anthology at http://bit.ly/1QgTwY1 and http://etsy.me/1jAn8md

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1QgTwY2

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