Next Week in New York City

Next Week in New York City is a 40-page, B&W comic on creamed cover interior with brown card stock covers, written & illustrated by John Kerschbaum, published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This is a collection of forty single-page, four panel comics, most of which are NYC centric and full of critical satire. The subjects that get treated to John’s jocular jabs include reoccurring updates on 9,000+ rats washed out to sea by hurricane Sandy, the corpse of Ed Koch appearing on The Walking Dead, a glimpse of Olive Oyl and Wimpy’s work outside of comics, Anthony Weiner living up to his name, nerd watching, Bigfoot sightings, starting the school year, and many other wisecracking worthy whatnots!

Okay, so this is a collection of mostly single panel gags and often darkly humorous observations. The writing is witty and backed up with lively drawn cartoons containing a lot of detail! John’s characters are rubbery, exaggerated reflections of the people you encounter in everyday life. The situations John puts them in are relatable in absurdly twisted and funny ways that will make you laugh out loud!

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