Sha-Ryn from ARH ComiX

Sha-Ryn from ARH ComiX

In the wake of ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS, the gritty,thrilling fantasy adventure from ARH ComiX, storytellers ARAHOM RADJAH and ABRAHAM KAWA return to the epic age of the Arkhorian Wars with a brand new tale starring Arhian’s wild & younger sister, Sha-Ryn.

Joined by artist supreme NIKOS KOUTSIS, the creative team will be taking readers for the ride of their lives – and they’re taking no prisoners!

Set seven years before the events of ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS, at the height of the third Arkhorian War, the new series sees Mazkaran – the island haven of the Amazons – being invaded by unstoppable Arkhorian forces. It’s in this desperate moment, with her sister away and her people facing imminent death and destruction, that young Sha-Ryn must forge herself into a heroine – or die trying.

“This is a wholly different animal then ARHIAN,” Radjah and Kawa assure us. “Sure, it’s got tremendous fighting, great storytelling, and a beguiling heroine – ARH’s trademarks – but just as Sha-Ryn is young and bursting with enthusiasm here, this tale is meant to highlight the fun we and our readers can have in such a world. We got everything on this island: Amazons, jungle action, great beasts that time has forgotten, mayhem, cliffhangers… This is high adventure and action of a classic caliber with an ARH twist: if your jaw doesn’t drop on every splash page, folks… you should check your pulse!”

SHA-RYN will be in stores in 2016.

You can see how the Statue will look here:

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