Break the Walls

Break the Walls is a 60-page, standard size comic anthology, with full color covers, B&W interior, written & illustrated by various creators, published by SpazDog Press

This is an anthology featuring nine stories inspired by the songs of the Pixies. The first tune treated to a comics make-over is “Planet of Sound” by Brian Miller & Fabcob. In this one an alien message leads to a series of events that causes a young scientist to take a time trip! Next is “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Michael Macropoulos. This one tells a short and melancholy story of loss, but with the reassurance that nothing is ever really gone, just changed. Then we rock out with “Debaser” by Ryan Cody & Scott Godlewski. Unlike the previous two entries, this one is straight autobiographical. It tells of experiencing the Pixies via a tape from a friend and then finally, years later getting to experience the Pixies live with that same friend. The next illustrated track is “Velouria” by Joshua Hale Fialkov & Ryan Cody. This one is about a boy and girl meeting in a bookstore (are maybe it’s a library). Anyway, a spark is struck and new love is born! And it’s all told as a silent comic with the exception of one panel! That’s followed by “Into the White” by Gerrad McConnell & Jason Worthington. This one’s about escaping the earthly pains and miseries for the freedom promised by the white of the moon. Pretty cool Sci-Fi take on the tune! Then comes the question “Where is My Mind?” by Jon Goff. Turns out a talking fish knows exactly where it is! But wait, before you consult the fish “Here Comes Your Man” by Ernest & Beatriz Romero, and he’s armed with bacon and cosmetics in this silent comic set in a fairytale world! And closing out this comic are “No. 13 Baby” by Christian Vilaire & Henry Barajas, and “Nimrod’s Son” by Evan Harrison Cass & Christian Kaw. In “No.13 Baby” we travel to Mexico and find a gambling priest and some easily manipulated souls in a strip club with an alien and an extraterrestrial exterminator! And in “Nimrod’s Son” a motorbike riding, desert crossing dying soul ask for one thing that just might explain the face on Mars!

I really dig anthologies that collect stories and art from a bunch of different creators. I dig that format so much that I published two such anthologies not so long ago myself (Almost Normal Comics & Other Oddities plug!). I might even do it again, but right now let me focus on Break the Walls. This collection was a lot of fun to read. I’m as into music as I am into comics, so bringing the two together is about as good as it gets for me, just like peanut butter and chocolate! Anyway, all of the stories were directly influenced by the songs of the Pixies. Some of the stories followed the lyrics a little more closely than others, but all were worked out well and entertaining! The artwork ranged from highly polished and detailed pieces to clean and bold simplified renderings. Nothing between the covers came off as raw or sketchy. A lot of work went into this anthology and it shows from beginning to end!

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