ASH: Academy of Super Heroes, Vol. 1

ASH: Academy of Super Heroes, Vol. 1 is a 168-page, full color comic written and illustrated by Loran and published by Sloth Comics.

This massive comic features the members of ASH (Academy of Super Heroes) in three funny bone tickling tales loaded with hilarious hijinks! First up we get to meet the super powered peeps in their pre-school years and quickly follow them to a special school for the gifted in “Class Assembles!” Then our caravan of capeless crusaders in training get to hone their collective skills and face down an alien in “School Invaders!” And next to lastly we find our enhanced earthlings continuing their extraterrestrial experiences in “Plan B from Outer Space!” Then really lastly we get a special story about a super powered, mask and cape wearing heroine doing battle with evil doers up to evil doing in “Atom Girl!”

Loran’s writing and art is a farce filled treat of amusing action and screwy situations all laid out in clean sequences of impeccable craftsmanship! The bold colors and flowing lines keep the action moving throughout ASH and really make each panel pop off the page! You too can enroll in ASH: Academy of Super Heroes at

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