Smeary Soapbox Press-ents #10 (A Pocket Gallery)

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Smeary Soapbox Press-ents #10 (A Pocket Gallery) An 8-page, B&W Art Mini-Comic created by Dale Martin and published by Smeary Soapbox Press.

Dale says he was inspired to create this art mini after a conversation with D. Blake Werts of Copy This! that got him thinking that he’d never really done an art mini. As a result Dale delivers this Wrap around cover mini that features alien landscapes, floating aircraft, and intentionally indecipherable speech balloons! All of this is rendered with flowing, dynamic line work of varying weights, and combined with the great application of hatching and crosshatching! And, this art mini-comic is included as an insert with Copy This! #27!

You can get more information on Copy This! from D. Blake Werts at 12339 Chesley Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277, or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net. And discover more of Dale’s art and comics at and

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