Tales of Trolik #3: The Hero of Oskin

Tales of Trolik #3: The Hero of Oskin http://buff.ly/1NLS8c2 is a 27-page, full color digital comic, written by Troy Vevasis and illustrated by Lee Milewski. Published by Troy’s Comics.

Trolik sets out with his trusty owl Sage to solve some recent mysterious deaths. His quest takes him into the hills of the west where he encounters The Herald of Destruction as well as other nefarious beings, but are they real or has Trolik fell under some sort of spell? And what fate awaits this would be hero and his winged companion?

This issue of Trolik’s adventures is broken up into six chapters that spreads the action out evenly over the pages and establishes a consistent timing. Troy’s use of chapters makes it easy for the reader to transition (along with the characters) from one perilous situation to the next without missing a beat or being confused. The art once again is rich with earth tones and takes on an abstract quality that sets it apart from other comics while establishing a unique and interesting style! 

You can join The Hero of Oskin at http://buff.ly/1NLS8c2

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/28RwmdI

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