Read More Comix #1

Read More Comix #1 is a 24-page, standard size, full color comics collective written & illustrated by Robb Mirsky, James Spencer, and David Craig, published by Read More Comix.

Robb, James, and David bring us a diverse collection of stories in the pages of Read More Comix #1. In this issue we’re introduced to a depressed sewer mutant that emerges into an accepting world only to find that acceptance short lived. We also witness alien creatures traveling across the stars in search of a mysterious object, yet find themselves in dire circumstances. In addition to sewer mutants and aliens we’re also treated to walking bricks, a bird trying to earn punk cred, and a collection of short gag cartoons about Care Bears, weenie dog love, prayer, hashtags, cigarettes, and graffiti!

All three of these comic creators have their own impressive and unique styles and approaches to storytelling. Their collaboration on Read More Comix makes for an entertaining read full of unusual characters and splendid strangeness! The art for each of the pieces in this collection is a clean, detailed, and satisfying visual feast of weirdness that you just want to indulge in!

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