ThrillVault Anthology #1

ThrillVault Anthology #1 is a 24-page, full color comic (with B&W stories too), written by Troy Vevasis and illustrated by Brad Linder, Robert Ahmad, Tyrell Deaver, and with coloring and lettering by Brad Linder. Published by ThrillVault Comics Entertainment.

This anthology bills itself as “Independent Stories Of The Unknown By Comic Creators , For Comic Creators & Fans Alike!” In this inaugural issue writer Troy Vevasis pens four stories illustrated by three artists. In “The Haunted Planet” Troy and Brad Linder team up to take us 600 years into the future and through the galaxy in search of priceless artifacts, but find something altogether different! Next in “Toka” Troy teams with Robert Ahmad and Brad to bring us a sword and sandal tale about a brave warrior seeking to test his skills against any that dare to stand against him! Then Troy and Brad team again for a journey back in time to the old west in “Wild Earth” where one cowboy encounters something very odd on the desert floor! And finally we wrap up this issue with “The Family” in which Troy, Tyrell Deaver, and Brad bring their talents together to tell us a ‘30s era crime story with a biting twist!

Troy writes four very different stories set in four individual genres. “The Haunted Planet,” “Wild Earth,” and “The Family” each start out by putting the reader in what appears to be a predictable situation, but then throws in a twist that takes the reader into a whole new and unexpected direction! “Toka,” on the other hand, starts out with pulling the reader into the unknown and keeps the reader running forward as the title character ventures further into adventure! The use of different artists and alternating between full color stories and B&W ones really helps to break out each story as a stand-alone piece. The art chores are handled aptly and nicely complement the different stories they illustrate. The changing styles also sit up the pacing of each story and holds the reader’s interest from start to finish!

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