Penny Blackfeather

Penny Blackfeather is a 128-page, standard size, full color comic, written & illustrated by Francesca Dare, published by Sloth Comics.

This comic is self-described as a Regencypunk Adventure, which is itself described as “Gothic, but with more parrots.” In addition to parrots there are also ghosts and monsters! It’s about a young girl named Penny with pirate blood coursing through her veins and adventure on her mind. The voice of Penny’s late swashbuckling, sorcerer grandfather speaks to her helping to guide her and giving advice as she avoids dreaded lady-like social activities. Rather than dancing with would be suitors, Penny, her skeptical companion, a blue parrot, and the ghost of her grandfather embark on a strange quest filled with weird creatures, oddities, and lots of fun!

The writing is clever and smartly weaves an adventurous tale that picks up steam early on and never slows down. An assortment of minor characters are laced throughout Penny’s adventure and each is written in just enough detail to support the story without over complicating or distracting from the major plot. All of the major characters are fully developed and given individual identities that they consistently maintain. The art in Penny Blackfeather perfectly matches the humor in the writing. There are many subtle details throughout the story that the art captures that the reader could easily miss if they don’t take their time studying each panel. Also, the color palette is applied with great skill and effect. The story opens with gray washes covering each page and an occasional spot color here and there. As the story progresses more spot colors seem to appear until finally Penny finds herself in a world awash with color! Outstanding application of color supporting storytelling!

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