The Dark: Boo Hag

The Dark: Boo Hag is a standard size, color horror comic written and illustrated by Kelly Williams. Published by Alterna Comics.

A man writing a book about legends is guided deep into the woods by a local that tells him about a supposed witch that haunts the area. Originally the writer was looking for evidence of a Big Foot, but the local man reveals a tale about a skin stealing witch that he once saw. The local man wants to satisfy his curiosity. Did he really see what he remembers, or was it something else? The writer, intrigued by the tale but skeptical, settles in for a creepy night. Before the sun rises both men will discover what dwells in these woods!

This is a well told spooky story with great timing! The characters are introduced to each other and the reader at the same time. As they talk we are taken into each of their lives and come to understand who they are and why they are at this specific place and time. The art is dark and fluid with lots of grays. This perfectly fits the mood of the story and establishes an atmosphere of dread and fear!

You can cozy up to the camp fire in The Dark and learn about the Boo Hag yourself at and discover more of Kelly’s art at

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