Kaiju Counterattack

Kaiju Counterattack
by Reset Survivor, Damon Begay, and Brad Dwyer http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG http://bit.ly/1BPeowi http://bit.ly/1E4XpcY is a 36-page, digest size, B&W with color cover, Tokusatsu anthology. 

This anthology is made up of three separate Tokusatsu inspired stories. The first is Project! Monarch by Reset Survivor. In this tale two female singers reach new heights with their voices to force their enemy out of its hiding, and then the duo combine their powers to combat the offending orb! The second feature is Phoenix Knight by Damon Begay. In this futuristic story a young girl prepares for years to assume the role of her city’s savior, but once that mantle is taken up can she handle the costs?! The third entry in this anthology is Zodiakkku Man by Brad Dwyer. Brad concludes this comic with an action packed tale of a kidnapped little girl, a cyborg, a professor, power stones, and a giant rat! What more could you ask for in a Tokusatsu anthology?! 

You might still be able to find this comic at the creators’ sites. If not you’ll still be able to find lots of other neat stuff at http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG http://bit.ly/1BPeowi http://bit.ly/1E4XpcY

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2lmyfSC

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