ALTER-LIFE Issue 2 on March 1st

ALTER-LIFE Issue 2 on March 1st 

What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning of infinite possibilities? Caught in a world of alternate timelines, Jake is on a quest to find his lost family and the truth behind his immortality. 

Alter-Life LIVES! Issue #2 is coming to Kickstarter for 30 days beginning March 1st, 2017. RALLY THE TROOPS! DAY ONE Backers of $10 or more will receive an exclusive Variant Pinup Print and have access to Select Discounted Reward Tiers. Rewards include a digital bundle for just $7!, a Variant Cover by Ramon Gil, and the “Complete Alter-Life Experience” which gets you credit as a producer and a sneak peak at Issue #3. PLEASE BACK EARLY! You will not be charged until the campaign is complete, and only if we hit our goal. 


This is a tale of love and redemption. An everyman learning to live with his regrets and confront the demons of his past. Jake is lost in his infinite lives, searching his dead wife and daughter, and for the meaning behind all of his existences. 

In Issue 2, Jake starts to test the limits of his infinite existences and begins to remember more of what happened after the accident. Mysterious forces are at work, and something lurks in the shadows with all the answers he seeks. 


After a bold attempt to fund our series as a full, 200-page Graphic Novel, we have returned with a scaled back, Issue by Issue plan to get our comic created and into readers hands! Issue 1 is already complete and available in many formats, including on ComiXology. Now we are back, and bringing you the Second Chapter! 

Alter-Life is only 5 issues, and we intend on bringing them to readers BACK-TO-BACK. Funding will be used to pay for art, printing, and shipping. Any additional funds will go directly into Issue 3. So, the more we can raise this time, the less we need for the next one. 

Come join the Alter-Life journey on MARCH 1st!! 

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