ALTER-LIFE: The Graphic Novel (Complete Comic Series)

ALTER-LIFE: The Graphic Novel (Complete Comic Series) on Kickstarter Now
What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning of infinite possibilities? Caught in a world of alternate timelines, Jake is on a quest to find his lost family and the truth behind his immortality.

Alter-Life returns to Kickstarter as Alter-Life: The Graphic Novel. For 30 days only, beginning January 16, 2017, backers will have the chance to get their hands on the full, 200-page, 5-chapter story. Rewards include a digital subscription, Trade Paperback Edition, and an Extremely Limited Hardcover Edition, with various add-ons and exclusive artwork.

It’s been a rough few years. Trapped in a dead-end job, his wife and child recently killed in an accident, Jake decides to end it all. On that day, at the very time and place he decides to kill himself, he is presented with a chance to bring meaning to his existence. Just as this meaning becomes clear, Jake is killed. The world goes black… Suddenly, he finds himself standing at the very place and time he was before he died. Everything is different, but everything’s the same. This discovery will send him on quest for the truth about his past and the source of his new found abilities.
This is a tale of love and redemption. An everyman learning to live with his regrets and confront the demons of his past. Jake is lost in his infinite lives, searching his dead wife and daughter, and for the meaning behind all of his existences.
We want to finish Alter-Life… Completely. In 2016, Alter-Life Issue #1 was funded and shipped to backers. The Issue was met with great reviews and much enthusiasm and excitement. So, we have decided that instead of stringing you all along issue by issue, we are going to bring you the full Alter-Life experience in this ALTER-LIFE Complete Series, Graphic Novel.
Over the past year we have made great connections and have outlets for this series to become a major success. If we can complete the full series as a graphic novel, we will have the best chance at distribution. Come be a part of our journey. Even if you can’t afford a copy for yourself, you can support us by sharing the Alter-Life Kickstarter page everywhere!


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