Hell Riot

HELL RIOT http://buff.ly/2lPcI58 is a 48-page, standard size, full color, Sci-Fi horror comic created and written Everette Hartsoe, art by Nestor Ruiz and Jonas Teraus, with colors by Nasir Ahmad, and lettering by Warren Montgomery. Published by Evolutionary Comics

A bartender at the end of both her patience with the customers and her shift is seized upon by government forces firing high powered rifles and kicking in doors. Suddenly something doesn’t feel right and the bartender discovers she is much more than she appears to be…to the peril of the govies! 

Everette Hartsoe and crew deliver an action packed story of secret government operations, transhumanism, and demonic beasts! Everette’s writing keeps the suspense rising as different twists are revealed leading to even more questions! Nestor Ruiz, Jonas Teraus, and the rest of the art team really capture the excitement of Everette’s story and offer up vivid scenes of action wonderfully composed and colored with riveting detail! 

You can take to the streets and be part of this HELL RIOT at http://buff.ly/2lPcI58 and find more at http://bit.ly/2mJZ4zq and http://bit.ly/28ZqoWw and http://bit.ly/2mKat2r and http://bit.ly/2lbL6dv

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2mK2AKv

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