The Darkest King

The Darkest King is a 28-page, standard size, full color, hero crime comic written by Tony Scott Astley with art by Paul Anderson. Published by WP Comics Ltd. 

Two brothers grow up in a house with an abusive father. The older brother dreams of being a hero, and as an adult he acts out his fantasy by dispensing his own form of justice from the barrel of a gun. At the same time the younger brother appears to be the toast of the town, but has some serious resentment for his sibling! This story shows a lot of potential and is well written. I’m really interested in seeing where the relationship between the brothers goes and what has created the animosity between them. The main characters are well developed and fit comfortably in the sordid city the story takes place in. The art has a unique quality of photographic realism mixed with strong lighting and contrasting colors. At times, in some panels, the art almost looks like mixed media. The overall effect adds a haunting feeling to the art and that works great with the story! 

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