Return to Slumberland #1

Return to Slumberland #1 is a 62-page, standard size, B&W and full color fantasy comic written by Leonardo Melo, art by Alberto Pessoa, and edited by Kim Roberts. Published by WP Comics Ltd

Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo is all grown up and dealing with depression in a destitute community following “the war.” He has become a drunk that can’t hold a job and finds himself unable to dream until a chance encounter leads him to Return to Slumberland! After all the years Little Nemo finds his old friends have grown and changed as much as he has, and dear old Doctor Pill has gone missing! To help his old friends (and himself) Nemo must travel between both the real world and the dream world in this fantasy filled fable! 

The story is skillfully written to connect the two very different worlds of Nemo and the art chores nicely complement those differences by alternating between B&W and color. The art also incorporates some of the very stylized art of Winsor McCay which enhances the comic’s connection to Nemo’s past while also revealing the character’s present. 

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