Chronicles of Terror #5

Chronicles of Terror #5 is an 80-page, full color, horror anthology featuring various writers and artists. Cover art by Bryan Baugh, edited by Kim Roberts, and published by WP Comics.

First up is Fate Worse than Death? by Marta Tanrikulu, Pramit Santra, Joshua Jensen, and Micah Myers. In this one a sick little girl just wants to go out and play with friends on Halloween!

Then next the question is asked How You Will Die Tonight? by Julio Paz Vadala, Ruyman, and Ayoze Nieves in which it’s all fun and frights when monsters gather for game night!
In I Survive by Nick Zabierek, M.C. Carper, and Nikki Sherman it’s all about survival after a solar flare brings about the apocalypse!

Life takes root in Killer Weed by Jack Wallace, Ege Avci, and Chris Allen when a couple of lovers encounter an invasive weed that really takes hold!

Then things begin to stir in Liveliness by Adam Swiecki when sometimes the dead can’t rest in peace and they just need to stretch their legs!

Night falls in Moon X 2 by M. C. Carper when the hair rising antics play out in this silent story about beauty taming the beast!

In Road to Ruin by Frank Martin and Chris Winters a stranded traveler finds help in the desert when a passing motorist in a very mysterious hotrod stops to offer a ride!

Then in the rhyming tale Mindy the Witch by Victor Carungi, Keith Chan, Chris Allen, and Brent W. Fowler we meet Mindy, an unfortunate girl that finds herself at the butt end of teasing and bullying, but that all changes with one magical birthday!

In The Cure by Abraham Martinez a distraught young man suffering from a mental illness reconnects with an old acquaintance that offers him the promise of a cure, but that doesn’t necessarily satisfy his hunger!

The Vlads (Vladimir Tadic, Vladmir Kuzmanov, and Vladimir Popov) along with Miso Zivanov bring us The Forgotten Deaths.  In this one a man faces the many losses life has dealt him but he still seeks to cling to a few precious memories while letting go!

In The Man with a Thousand Names by Rory McConville, Gabe Ostley, and Mark Montgomery a man seeks to cheat Death by staying one step ahead of the game he thinks Death is playing, but Death always has a trick up the sleeve!

The Perfect Bride by Austin Allen Hamblin and Donald Patrick Rice provides a persuasive argument against taking the plunge into wedlock!

Next we’re off to The Supermarket with Marcello Bondi and Salvatore Coppola to take a look at the zombie apocalypse from a different perspective!

In War and Peace by Mark Wright and Randyl Bishop  we learn about an ancient spirit and an impending war between rivals!

Then finally the spotlight is shown on the Creator of the Month, Bryan Baugh with an interview and we’re treated to Bryan’s Diner Food in which a couple of bad people running a diner that specializes in making people disappear meet Wulf and Batsy, a werewolf and vampire doing their part to make the world a safe place!

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