White Cell Inoculation Chapter 3: Call of the Mad!

White Cell Inoculation Chapter 3: Call of the Mad! http://bit.ly/1PNm1ih is a 28-page, full color, futuristic mystery comic written and illustrated by Nicholas Melanshek. 

An elite team of warriors descend on a small community to rid its citizens of the Madness! Can this group of special operators infiltrate their target’s camp without being seen?! And how effective can their non-speaking scout be when real-time situational awareness relies on communication?! Don your body armor and lock and load as White Cell Inoculation ramps up the action! 

Nick continues his paramilitary, futuristic piece and delves deeper into the apocalyptic landscape that hosts this tale of intrigue and competing ideologies. As with the previous issues, Nick fleshes out the characters by further defining them and building on their individual stories. Nick’s art also maintains its dynamic originality, highlighted by a bold use of shadow and light with a mix of cool and warm colors that successfully convey a great sense of atmosphere! 

Travel into the future with White Cell Inoculation at http://bit.ly/1PNm1ih and find more at http://bit.ly/1UzHB83

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