Ghostly Tides

Ghostly Tides is a 32-page, full color, action fantasy comic created by Kim Roberts and Chris Allen, written by Kim Roberts, illustrated by Denis Pacher, and colored and lettered by Chris Allen. Published by Swamp Line Comics.

In the days of swashbuckling, seafaring pirates two boys seek to sail the high seas under the banner of the rouge sea rovers! Unfortunately neither boy measures up to the task and so they enlist the help of a witch! As all witchery related things go, nothing turns out quite as planned and the boys find themselves island hopping as the dead rise and living pirates cross swords with their departed brethren!

The creative team behind Ghostly Tides launch a humorous tale of swaggering buccaneers rendered in a cartoony style and brightly colored. The story jumps into action right from the start and the adventure continues up to the cliffhanger end! The characters are well established and the writing is attention grabbing. The drama unfolds quickly, hurling the reader into a fantastic world of magic and mayhem designed to poke you with a foil in the funny bone!

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