Copy This! #42 & Fake Comics #1

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Copy This! #42. This issue is a 28-page, B&W info/news mini comic zine published by D. Blake Werts. Cover by Bob Corby. Also includes the 8-page minicomic Fake Comics #1 by Bob Vojtko!
In this issue Mr. Michael Neno interviews Bob Corby, the man behind the curtains of the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE)! Bob opens up about when he first got into both reading and making comics, and reveals the origin of Back Porch Comics! Bob talks about his day-job as a structural engineer and how his education taught him a lot that related to comics. Later Michael ask Bob about getting into the small press, the Oh, Comics! anthology, and the birth of SPACE! The interview continues with lots of really interesting, inside info on SPACE that you’re not likely to find anywhere else!
Following the Michael Neno/Bob Corby interview is the community news and info section that update us on the current offerings from:
Blair Wilson (Sklodowska); Charles Brubaker (Fuzzy Princess, Ask a Cat); Colin Upton (Post-Modern Mini-Comics, Self-Indulgent Comics, Monster vs The Pop Culture Nihilists); Dale Martin (Bad Joke Funnies); Dean (The Ballad of Benji Muldoon); Delaine Derry Green (Not My Small Diary); Ian Shires (Time Trvlr); Mission Mini Comix, Nate McDonough (Grixly); Poopsheet Foundation/Rick Bradford (Wag Rag, Meeting Notes); and Verl Holt Bond (Defenders of Mars)
Blake is planning an all new ALL ART issue for January 2018! If you want to be included you need to send Blake your doodles by December 32st, and remember to keep it PG-13!
To get your hands on Copy This! and for more info contact:
D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277
or email Blake at: bwerts (at) vnet (dot) net


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