Adam Wreck #3 of 3

Adam Wreck #3 of 3 is a 29-page, all ages, Sci-Fi adventure comic written and illustrated by Michael S. Bracco. Published by Alterna Comics.

The first 16-pages of this comic conclude the Adam Wreck saga while the remaining pages contain a bonus story all about Adam’s friend Voric’s backstory titled Voric & Bot!
In this final issue of the limited series Adam and his alien friend Voric meet with Captain Lipos to complete a deal that will free Adam’s parents. Things don’t go exactly as everyone anticipated as an unexpected guest brings things to an unplanned ending! Then we jump into the bonus story and learn just how Voric found himself in a position to help Adam!

You can blast off into weird science fiction fun with Adam Wreck and his assorted alien friends and foes at


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