Bearqueft Comix #2

Bearqueft Comix #2 is a 40-page, digest sized, B&W, comic zine anthology with cardstock covers created by Charlie Haggard and featuring the works of Charlie Haggard, Steve Slater, Chawgue, Doug Laubacher, Lois Dalou, Br0b0t, Anastasia Ciudac, Nasalwarts, Wart Edwards, Majic Monsters, Mick Rose, Elizabeth Watkin, and Veek. Published and printed by Minuteman Press.

In this issue of Bearqueft Comix Charlie assembles a talented group of contributors that fill the pages with the weird, the odd, the funny, and the surreal! Just some of the neat things that can be found in this awesome comix zine include rats in an ice cream cone, a portrait of underground comix character Slum Cat, a couple of trippy pieces featuring Time Snake, a snazzy snake silent comic, Kwan’s Karry-Out, a piece featuring the Poo Monster, a sky rocketing piece featuring Bird Dog, and much, much more!

What Charlie is doing with Bearqueft Comix is great! This B&W comic zine is an assortment of comics, drawings, and humor. Every featured piece is well executed and presented as clean and polished reproductions on trimmed pages complete with the contributor’s name. All contributors are listed up front with additional info on where you can find more of their stuff too! And, Charlie is open to unsolicited submissions! So, if you dig indie comix and are looking for something different check out Bearqueft Comix and send Charlie your art and comics!

Find Bearqueft Comix at and on Twitter at @charliefargo


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