16th and Mission Comix #4

36-page, digest size, B&W adults only anthology of underground style comixSo I just finished The Forsley Brothers' 16th and Mission Comix #4.  It's a 36-page, digest size, B&W, ADULTS ONLY anthology done in a style reminiscent of old school underground artists.  In the 36 pages there're about eight different stories and a couple of single page illustrations.  The longest story features a character with a powerful penis finger and a couple of shorter stories are about a fry cook fly flipping turds at a greasy spoon.  I really dug the visually striking, lowbrow art style, Cameron Forsley's stuff in particular.  Comix like this, that embrace its underground roots, really speak with an independent voice and distinguish themselves from the all to familiar glossy action hero comics that are so common nowadays.  

Find this comic and more of the Forsley Brothers stuff at theforsleybrothers!


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