Mineshaft #30

If you're tired of all the digital comics and e-zines out there and feel that craving for a little tactile thrill, head over to Mineshaft!  Their 15th anniversary issue has just come out and it's awesome!  The thing that first piqued my interest in Mineshaft was its affinity for the old underground comix scene.  I grew up reading super-hero comics and soon discovered underground comix.  Since that time, sometime back in the '70s, I've been obsessed with the style and subject matter of the old underground comix. Well, Mineshaft captures the underground feel completely by featuring those great artists that established the scene!  In this issue you not only get treated to some good and interesting reading from various authors, and neat comix by Bill Griffith, R. Crumb, and others, but you also get a glimpse into the strange and strangely entertaining subconscious dream world of Crumb!!!