Bo Plushy Gangsta #1

Bo Plushy Gangsta is a polished indie comic from Action Lab Comics' Danger Zone mature lineThis is a standard sized, polished comic from the mature line (Danger Zone) of indie publisher Action Lab Comics.  It tells the story of a once bad ass human gangsta now transformed into a plushy bad ass teddy bear.  I dig the premise, very original, and when I first saw the comic I couldn't resist finding out who this teddy bear with the gold grill was.  I'm not into the Hip Hop scene, so I wasn't sure that I would be able to fully appreciate the comic for what it offered, I just wasn't sure if I could really get into it the whole Hip Hop "Gangsta" theme, but like I said, I was curious.   What I found was a comic packed with a lot of violent action (kinda expected given the cover image) and some very stereo typical depictions of people the entertainment industry has taught us to associate with the "gangsta" lifestyle.  The artwork is very polished and has a style reminiscent of action sequences from video games, and I mean that in a good way.  The art really held my attention and made me want to see more.  I can't say the story really grabbed me though.  This is just the first issue and focused on introducing Bo (the Plushy Gangsta).  Maybe as it unfolds the story will become more interesting, but so far it's relying on a gimmick and that only worked to to pique my initial interest, now as a reader I need some substance to hold my attention and make me care about the characters and what they're going through.  Plenty of potential if the writing is up to the task as Bo the Plushy Gangsta continues his exploits in this thug's world!


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