Copy This! #1

Copy This! is a mini comics news and review zine
So, recently I decided to get back into the comic and zine scene.  To do this I visited some of my old online haunts to see what folks were up to, and right there on Ricko's Poopsheet Foundation was exactly what I was looking for...Copy This!

How cool is that?!  A NEW mini-comic devoted to news about mini-comics!  Yep, Blake Werts has put together a mini news and, not sure what to call it, a mini-news zine?  Whatever you want to label it, it's great to see something like this: a single publication that offers news on what mini-comic creators are currently up to; interviews with different personalities in the mini-comic scene; and even a few cartoons!  That's a lot to pack inside a "mini," but Blake manages to do it with 40 pages of updates on more than 20 mini-comic creators, an interview, and more!  Blake has not only provided a great resource for mini-comic fans and creators, but also managed to satisfy the craving that many still have for printed news that we can flip through the old fashion way!

Go here, Copy This! Questionnaire, to get Blake's contact info so you can order Copy This! and let Blake know what you're up to for inclusion in an upcoming issue!


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