Copy This! #2

Copy This! is a mini comics news and review zine
Issue #2 of Blake Werts' Copy This! is out and keeping us informed on what's happening within the comic and zine scene!

In this issue Steve Willis serves up a look at the creative process and the relationship between artist and audience in his opening piece, Itchy Dreams.  Then the light is shown on +Andy Nukes as he becomes the subject of a Richard Krauss interview, revealing (among other things) his unusual approach to drawing.  Rounding out this issue of Copy This! are updates on 20+ creative individuals with lengthy backgrounds in the scene and many, if not most, of whom are still actively creating and contributing to the scene.

For anyone with an interest in comics and zines, Copy This! is a must have.  This little mini not only serves as an excellent resource to find current and past publications complete with ordering info, websites, and e-mails, but it also provides an in depth look at a featured creator by way of interview that peals back the often mysterious process of creating.

If you're looking to catch up on what others are doing, or trying to find something neat to read, visit Copy This! Questionnaire, to get Blake's contact info so you can order Copy This! and let Blake know what you're up to so you can be a part of Copy This! too!


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