Dodo Comics #4

Dodo Comics is a 20-page, digest size, B&W comic
20-page, digest, B&W comic.  This neat comic from Grant Thomas offers the reader three separate stories: How the Raven and the Loon got Their Colors; Oblique Strategies; and Three Years of Silence. The first story tells that tale of two fowl conspiring together to decorate each others blank feather canvas and how their carefully laid plans don't exactly work out as intended.  The next story involves a character examining what is missing in his life.  And the final story is a telling of Agatho's stone and his lesson in silence.

All three stories are superbly illustrated with the first having the most stylized artistic flow to it while the remaining two take a more traditional cartoony approach.  

I really enjoyed this comic, not only for the stories which were original and well told, but also for the art and the way in which each story was laid out.  Being an artist myself, I'm always pulled into a comic by the visual method the storyteller chooses to tell their story.  The layout of the page, the relationship between the story, its characters, the panels, and the page itself.  I tend to see a comic as a continuous story from cover to cover.  Even if the stories inside of it aren't connected, the artist creating the comic establishes a continuity through the stories, styles, and approach to storytelling that grabs the reader and holds them from start to finish, and that's what Grant has done here.

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