Copy This! #4

Copy This! #4
Copy This! #4 is a 48-page, B&W info and news #minicomic #zine about #minicomics published by D. Blake Werts.

This issue of Copy This! opens with a tale of coincidental encounters that led to the production of a series of Horrible Ugly Monsters cards by indie artist and publisher Bob X.  This issue also includes a preview card from the series, artwork from Bob X, and an interview with Bob X conducted by Andy Nukes!  Steve Willis reflects on the alternative comics scene and growing old with it from obscurity to mainstream acceptance in the Pacific Northwest.  And Andy Nukes gets Bob X to open up about his first experiences with comics, early influences, collaborations, techniques that he uses with his art, and the origin of his name!  And of course there is news and info about a bunch of folks currently making comics and zines, and all of their contact information is provided so you can easily get in touch with them and get your hands on their wares!

This mini-zine is put together really well with easy to read text and clearly rendered graphics peppered throughout.  Steve Willis contributes a single frame comic with his piece and many cover scans and other images  accompany the Bob X interview.   And as always, the news and info section on creators is chocked full of cover scans of publications that are currently available.  Copy This! is fast becoming the publication to turn to if you want to find out what's happening within the mini and indie comics scene!

Contact D. Blake Werts to order your copy and to get info about your publication(s) into a future issue!

D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

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